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Shenzhen Travel Association

Association Profile:

Established in December 1986, Shenzhen Travel Association (“STA”) is one of the earliest travel associations in China. STA is an incorporated social organization with independent corporation qualification, which consists of local travel enterprises and institutions, relevant authorities close related to the tourism as well as experts and scholars of tourism research. In addition, local elites in the tourism industry and others from Guangdong, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao are invited as consultants, which makes STA play an important role and have a great influence in Shenzhen as well as the whole national tourism industry. The highest authority of STA is the annual congress of members’ representatives with the committee established through the election in the congress with a term of three years. The standing committee is elected in the committee meeting to execute the authority during the inter-sessional period.

Main Tasks of STA:

1. To organize the market development for the tourism industry

2. To organize the training of tourism professionals;

3. To provide travel consultation service;

4. To edit and publish the journal and related promotion materials, communicate and exchange domestic and foreign travel information and research results.

5. To have friendly exchange with domestic and foreign tourism sectors.

6. To assist the government in the management and coordination of tourism industry, safeguard the legal rights and interest of members, formulate the standards and regulations for the tourism industry and coordinate relations between members.

7. To serve as a bridge between relevant authorities and travel enterprises, make efforts to develop Shenzhen tourism and strive for the development of Shenzhen into an international tourist city and a beautiful coastal tourist city.

The fifth standing committee of STA consists of the chairman, vice chairmen (19), standing executives (70) and the Secretary-General.

STA sets up a secretariat as administrative body, responsible for the daily work.

Four branches for STA:

Travel Agencies Branch

Tourist Hotels Branch

Tourist attractions Branch

Tour Guides Branch:

Address: (Opposite to former VIP Lounge of Happy Valley) No. 18, Dujuanshan West Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Office Tel: 0755-88297911

Membership Tel: 0755-88359221

Finance Department Tel: 0755-88297895

Training Tel: 0755-88359221

Fax: 0755-88297995

Branches Tel:

Travel Agencies Branch Tel: 88297775 88297911

Tourist Hotel Branch Tel: 88359221

Tourist attractions Branch Tel: 88297900

Tour Guides Branch Tel: 88297363 88359331


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